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Exporting Data to the Shared File System and Setting the 'Remote Reference' URL manually



  • The Customer

    Without the luxury of SSH server to otherwise check the path keep it simple. You can do this by electing not to create Subfolders. The single folder created will only bear the Measurment date followed by its ID in [].

    In this example the Measurement folder is created:


    To derive this name from the Columbus Web Interface

    - Right click the measurement level to view the Date and ID, in this example:

    Date = 2008-06-12 12:32:02 +0100

    ID = 3252

    - first 10 characters are exately same: Year, Month, Day = 2008-06-12

    - Character denoting time = T

    - The time 12:32:02 appears minus ':' thus = 123202

    - Zone indicator = +0100

    - finally Measurement ID within [] in this example = [3252]

    Therefore the complete Remote Refernce URL in this manually exported example is:


    Hope this helps to simplify the path a little.

  • The Customer

    Thanks Jace for the tip. Been looking for the help on this topic since last week. Glad that I ound everything here.

  • The Customer

    This actually works!! Amazing

  • The Customer

    It was very detailed, clear and helpful to me, I followed and succeeded, thanks for your post mapquest driving directions


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