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Analysis of timepoint data



  • The Customer

    This is really helpful, thank you!

    I can see all the timepoint data when I export the batch analysis results.

    Many thanks,


  • Connor Wood

    We are having this same issue, it looks like it was resolved, but I do not see the solution that worked. If there was something missing from the define results building block of the analysis, we would be grateful to know what it was. 



  • Howell, Richard

    If executing the analysis script via the Image Analysis view, Columbus will only measure those fields/timepoints/planes which have been explicitly selected, which by default would be only the single field of view that is displayed on screen at the time. If you want the output for multiple timepoints you'd need to tell Columbus, by right-clicking on the "Timepoint" section of the data selection pane and selecting Multiple or All timepoints. The results output will then be generated for the selected timepoints, and would be available via the Columbus UI. 

    If executing the script using the Batch Analysis functionality (which would be the preferred method if analysing more that a few fields at a time), then ALL images are measured by default, theres no need to make any specific selections. In order to access the timepoint data however you'd need to export the results files via the Export view, or publish the data and then download the result files of interest.


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